I came in today hoping to do some PCR on my clones for the rec1 assignment, but unfortunately most of my plates had to high of a density of cells to pick out individual colonies. The point of the restreak was to be able to isolate individual clones and I had streaked out too many on cells. I poured some fresh LB+X-gal+ ampicillin plates and streaked out my ten colonies again(from the restreak plates) this time trying to take fewer cells and streaking them out over half a regular size plate instead of splitting the plates into quadrants. I also took the opportunity to restreak 8 more colonies from the original rec1 transformation plates that I had stored in the fridge, trying to cover a wider variety of colony sizes in case the rec1 plasmid had an effect on colony growth. Tomorrow I should have no problem picking out individual colonies. I’ll also be wrapping up the Haemophilus transformation assignment I’m doing for Rosie.

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