I know how to make a million dollars

My roommate and I were discussing autism. The science is far from being in, but there’s been a recent shift in thinking that the hosts bacteria and not genetics could be a causative factor. It’s all very contentious since the genetics people are so entrenched in the field and are reluctant to be open to the possibility. Despite lots of research, scientists have been unable to find a strong genetic link to autism. But what about other conditions that science has been unable to find genetic correlations for? What if homosexuality was linked to the microbiome?

How to make a million dollars

1) Claim that homosexuality is caused by a persons microbiome. No evidence is needed, not having evidence hasn’t stopped the target market from believing in something before.

2) Start a yogurt company that claims to “shift gay flora to a straight bacterial composition”. For additional cash, claim the effect is temporary and to be effective needs to be taken 3 times a day(Yogurts do seem to only have this temporary effect)

3) Market anti-homosexuality yogurt to evegenicals.

Clearly this would work, but is it unethical?  On one hand all I’d really be doing is getting people to eat more yogurt, which is good for them. Evengenicals and bigots would start to force yogurt upon homosexuals which is surely less traumatic than what they’d do otherwise.  I’m not a bigot in the slightest and would have no qualms about having a  line of “change straight bacteria to gay bacteria” product although I can’t imagine who would be interest in such a thing. On the other hand it’s wildly immoral, it’s fraud and the notion is completely against what being a scientist is all about. If it actually worked I don’t know how I’d feel about it either

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