Worst idea ever

I came across some papers concerning transgenetic plant DNA being persistant in soil. The worry is that these genes will escape into other populations, and this soil DNA could be an important resoirvor. So I thought hey, they could litter the transgenic genome with uptake sequences and use a competent bacteria in the soil to act as a vaccumm cleaner to suck up all the transgenic DNA!

The obvious problem(among others) would be that instead of simply getting rid of the DNA, you’d be directly driving the transformation of these transgenes into other organisms really in the most speedy way possible. Maybe if you knocked out some the transformation proteins but just kept the ‘for food’ uptake stuff, but even then the probability of someone looking back at this and saying ‘WTF were they thinking” is high

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  1. April's own fool
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 16:11:13

    You could have used that notion to compose a press release suggesting some XYZ corp had actually put together such a construct… released it last Friday and had a satisfying smile for it.

    I know… who has time for such fluff…


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