L. Antunes

Anouther speech out of the Finlay lab from UBC. I’ve been trying to talk a new masters student who will be joining Prof Finlays lab in May into being roommates.

A metabolic Analysis of the mammalian gut microbiota

A simple to understand study design: Collect feces from mice, treat the mice with streptomyocin, collect feces again

Several hundred metabolited were afected by antibiotic treatment. Multiple host metabolic pathways were affected, including hormones. Theres a trend towards steroid suppresion. Leukotriene B4 levels have a 90 fold level of reduction.

Other antibiotics had different effects on leukotriene. teracycline had a smaller effect and anouther antibiotic had no effect.

can a mRNA study of the leukotriene pathway find the cause? Transcription levels are affected but can not fully explain the effect.

Leukotriene is important because Eicosanoids are involved in host response to infection.

Maybe the effect of antibiotic treatment on hormone levels is caused by a change to microbiota?

Again consistant with earlier talks treating mice with antibiotics greatly increases colonoziation by slamononela. By adding Leukotriene to these mice the increase in colonization is lowered. There are thousands of small molecules in the gut and for most of them no one knows what their roles are. crazy

Adding human feces to cultures of salmonella. It seemed to have antibiotic activity, a much longer lag despite all the nutrients. same growth rate after the slow start though. Motility genes were activated, Invasion of host epithilia cells was repressed. Atleast half of the effect is due to host gut microbiota

They are now testing specific componds to see which are responsible for these effects.

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