Claire Fraser-Liggett

The role of the gut microbiota in obesity in the amish

2/3’s of americans are overweight or obese. There are many research advantages of studying the amish – common lifestyle, closed communities, shared regular meals, shunning of prescription drugs makes them ideal study subjects – they are more homogenous than the general population.

Relative abundances of phyla dont differ significantly between lean and obese. Bacteroide/firmicutes ratio didnt differ – counter to previously reported by anouther group. Some of the less abundant genera could correlate to these groups, however this may not mean anything. Ruminoccocus is responsive to diet. 11 genera are linked to serum triglyceride levels, cholestral, and BMI. No evidence of microbiome similarity btwn family members or co-habitation(really?)

I liked this talk because of something that made it relatively unique to this conference – it mostly presented negative results. A balance is needed to keep our heads level

Im not sure how informative a study of the amish would be to the general population. However it will provide great complementry information, especially on the effect of antibiotics. So far the results are consistant with general population studies – No relationships btwn BMI and genera

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