Brandi Cantarel

Crohns disease!(I’ve been getting into the coffee)

Hypothesis: Microbes in the intestinal track has a role in Crohns. Individual variation in gut flora makes study difficult. So they studied twins! Identical genetics, probably similair diets in early life. Awesome lets roll with it

16s and metabolite profiles between crohns patients and healthies differs.

Collect poop, run it through 454(Everyone here uses 454),  predict proteins, and concurrently run mass spec. Compare metagenome to mass spec to get predicted proteins. Poster 20

Some organisms show differences between crohns and controls. Broad functional catagories differed as well so its not just diff bact doing the same thing, cell walls, energy production among others differed

Healthy patients expressed a lot greater diversity of genes than Crohns. Less proteins overall in ICD but this doesnt account for the lack of diversity

Sulfate reducing bacteria were different. These bacteria have been indicated before as being involved in Crohns.

Expression on the host level. 30% of the proteins were host secreted. Sugar utilization ratio were not differential based on metagenomic data. A little in starch, sucrose and fructose maybe. But based on proteonomic data these proteins were not being expressed in crohns! It’s clear an integrated approach is needed as neither proteonomic and metagenomic data can tell the whole story and either can be misleading. Crohns is comlicated

Future studies are underway. Diagnostics and cutting edge

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