Volker Mai

Microbiota changes associated with onset of Necrotizing Enterocolotis

I didn’t know what NEC was. It’s a disease that affects infants, diffuse disease presentation with uncontrollable inflamation/air in the gut. Theres a strong correlation with the introduction of solid food and the emergence of NEC.

Babies who are born with a lower gestation time devolp NEC earlier.

The design of the study was to sample hundreds of preterm infants before the disease presented itself, finding 20 cases of NEC arising.

Theres no differnces in microbiota two weeks before diagnosis and the week of diagnosis. Theres more overall heterogenoity compared to control, as seen in other diseases, may suggest distorations in normal devolpment. but during the week of diagnosis there was still no dfference.

A bloom of proteobacteria and a decrease in firmicutes only in NEC cases, before disease diagnosis. The bloom may be from insufficient early exposure(due to antibiotic exposure?)

They found a novel gamma proteobacteria signature that was found in cases, its a well studied group so an unknown member may be pathogenic for NEC.

perhaps in the future, once more information is known and technology is more widely available, diagnosis of likely future developmental of diseases like NEC can be done before symptoms appear.


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