Martin Blaser

Disappearing Microbiota and Epdiemic Obesity

Prof Blaser presents “the disppearing microbiota hyptothesis”. It has 3 tenants

1) Human Ecology is chaning in ways that may affect microbial transmission

clean water, smaller families, c sections, antibiotic use, formula feeding of infants. Antibiotics in particular have always been assumed to only have short term effects, that the microbiota will always spring back.

2) I missed the second tenant

3) This change affects human health

Farmers use antibiotics specifically to increase growth. They use a sub theurapeutic dose, and until recently mechanism of action has been unknown. Earlier in life that they started antibiotics the larger the effect is. They did research on mice using STAT, and found that all antibiotic groups had an increase in body fat. Additionally bone mineral densisty increased earlier in life but by 6 weeks this lost.

Stat exposure changes the number of genes involved in short chain fatty acid production. Stat is correlated with increase in fatty liver.

There are mesenchymal stem cells in early life that have to make choices about how to differentiate and how many times, and may be affected by microbiota. He didn’t present any evidence for this claim though.

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