Mark Morrison

An overview of the Australian Human Gut Microbiome Project. Australia has the worlds second rate of colorectal cancer and high incidence of IBD. Among other things they are tying to devolp resistant starchs for theuropeutic or preventative use?

– Using a HIT they found that microbiota differs along the length of the human colon. Using metagenomic information and working with clinicians they are trying to improve risk stratification and clinical management.

Enterococcuss faecium was important. Anouther bacteria, bacterioides vulgaratus was found in both healthy and IBD patients but implicated in disease, suggesting that changes in gene expression are important.

They also did studies on Wallabies. They found a novel organism and, with information form metagenomic data, were able to develop culture techniques to isolate it in pure culture.

They used BHI defined medium, but supplemented with faecal waters isolated from people with IBD and healthy controls. They thought that that the feacal waters of these people could change the gene expression of these cultures. There was dfferential repsonse in gene expression, including genes for adhesion to epithethial walls


He presents plans for studying crohns patients undergoing surgery to remove intestine segments, as well as frther transciptomic studies. I think/hope in the near future  this surgery will be looked at as a barbaric and primitive treatment, although theres no doubt right now it gives relief to people who have no other options.


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