Dusko Ehrlich

A study of 7000 Danes looking at obesity, for 177 gene presence was analyzed by illumina sequencing. 3.3 million non redundant genes were found, 150 times more than are found in the human DNA. Individuals varied in amount of bacterial genes found. Do low gene count and high count individual have differences in health?

high white blood cell count is associated with low bact. gene number

Genes from the same species should have similar abundances in an individual, a simple classical genetic rule taught to all biology students. Unfortunately I didn’t catch where he was going with this, something about Eubacterium

15 metaspecies that are associated with gene number among the obese? Some species are found more often in high gene number individuals, some in low gene number individuals.

33 metaspecies are associated with obesity. These meta species show an ok discriminatory value between obese and lean, this correlation can be seen by cutting it down to just 6 metaspecies.

Bacterial species are associated to obesity, but it’s unknown if they are they causal agents or just correlated.

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