Your not the real Martin Antonio

Replacement speaker due to visa problems.

“Temporal effects of the 7 valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine(pcv7) on nasopharyngeal microbiome among gambian infants”

Nearly 70% of pneumonium are in africa and s asia. The pneumonium belt. There are many different serotypes.

Children have gone in a very short time from no vaccinations to a massive national vaccination campaign. What will this do to the microbiome? Will something new come and fill the void. Will there be serotype switching?

3 groups. Non vac infants non vac villages, vac infants in non vac villages, vac infants in previously vac villages. The second group will be informative about the direct effect of vac on microbial ecology. 454 was used, the pass rate was low though

5 genera make up 80%
Major shift in first few weeks of life before relative stability (go HI!)

Vaccine is prob preventing colonization by streptococus. More results promised shortly looks like it will have an effect. Shannon dist again ill need to read up on that tonight. Gambia looks nice. Clinical implications are huge, vaccination could stimulate innate immune response to other bact and shift bact communities.

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