Xiaoxia Nina Lin

Microbial interactions.

Only ~1% of microbes can be cultivated by pure culture. By co cultivation many more microbes can be cultured.

The presenter talks about a microfluid device that allows high throughput of co cultivation of microbes. Up to 15000 drops, each with a few cells in them can be grown in one device. Many controlled combinations can be made at one time.

Hm maybe this method could be used in our labs studies. Currently we only study isolated cultures, but that isn’t representitive of what bact does in the wild,and potentially misses the point of uptake specificty. Theres noise in identical pairings which you know excites me blog. Keeping the combinations but making one strain rarer in the drops had an effect on symbios/growth. Sounds like we could potentially just wash marked DNA over the cells, then an antibiotic to see how transformation is affected.

Part of that last paragraph belongs in the second paragraph. The poster number is 67

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