Social and philophisical issues

In contrast to the talks this morning these talks are more about raising relevant questions,rather than answering them

How integral is the microbiome to our conception of human beings as a whole? This seems like that rare question about self that can actually be addressed by science as researchers figure out how unique and transient our microbiomes are. How heritable is it? More philophosically is the microbiome part of us or around us?

The presenter talked briefly about genetic modifications as an example, how its unethical because it limits a future persons possibilities of an open future.

These are questions i have always struggled to understand. There are questions about unintended consequences of individual modifications to the greater ecosystem population and future generations. Thats easy enough to understand from a health and policy POV.  Weve changed the microbiome unintentionally through diet and antibiotics and pollution, why not a directed change? Without the risks when should we stop, when are good intentions not enough. Its a pandoras box. Idk. GATTACA scares the shit out of me because Ive never been able to draw the line.

Ive been thinking about ethics a lot lately. I fear i have a natural inclination to satify my scientific curiousity over respect.

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