Second speaker didnt catch name

Cystic fibrosis is characterised by colonization by polymicrobial communities. Looking at a single patient flora over time, microbes fluctuate over time. Are they contributing to disease or are they innocent bystanders?

CF sounds fucking horrible. Its marked by periods of exacerbations and periods of relative stability, although decline is inevetiable. What causes exacerbations?

Other microbes synergestic effects w/ the main pathogen. These microbes arent very pathogenic on their own, but mixed infection has a synergestic effect. In fly studies this effect was lethal. We cant predict how the microbe mix will effect the organism, it’s not an additive effect at all. In this regard we are helplessly clueless. These microbes are called synergens

Individual patients have unique microbiomes. The amount of culture conditions needed to culture the majority of flora varied by patient. He ends his talk by being optimistic about being able to use culture techniques to find flora, claiming 90% of CF flora, and thinks that this will be true about most human flora. Im not sure I agree

The wifi here seems to be getting wonky? Maybe too many computers. Ill work off network and upload pics later.

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