Charlie xiang

Diversity of microbiota related to bacterial vaginosis. This guy is very difficult to understand. Some of his slides are in manderin!

He starts with a theme that has been common to most of these talks: do microbial communities differ between people, and does this difference result in health difference. His team used culture and 16s techniques(454) on 50 chinese women, some with BV.

Simpson indexs were different from control while shannons stayed the same. I have no idea what simpsons and shannons are.

BV positive women had a much greater diversity of bacteria.

Part two: Cervicitis

There wasnt two distinct groups seen this time between BV and cervictus.  Something about ectocervical bacterial. This guy talks so fast hes wkipping slides!

There was a great question asked. How do we know that the disease, BV, isnt just a lack of lactobacilli instead of the over representation of others. A:”could be”.

Anouther question was about the effect of vaginal motility

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