Brent Finlay

And here we go! Prof Finlay is from ubc, presenting a talk about the infection of mice.  Pathogens trigger inflamation to create a more favorable enviroment in the gut. The microbiota is responsible for conferring resistance to the pathogen. Fecal transplants from resistant mice to sucecbtible mice makes them resistant. Host resistance isnt due to host genetics but host microbiome.

An interesting aspect was that treating mice with antibiotics before introducing a pathogen led to more severe infection. But this wasn’t due to less microbiota since the flora was allowed to return to the same density. The antibiotic resulted in 50% thinner mucus layer.

Diff antibiotics had diff effects. Tetracycline had no effect on the flora of mice, good news if you have used it(I recently got offered oral tetracycline for acne but turned it down)
Streptamyocin vancomycin users beware, but really we can only say this if your’e a mouse susceptible to s. Typhimurine

God why didn’t i bring a laptop? Im typing this on my phone

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