Alan Walker

Effect of diet on bacteria in the colon

Complex carvohydrates are broken down by polysaccharide degraders, monosacchardides are broken down further, and as a final step these metabolites are fermented by yet other bact.

Regional diffs along the gastrointestinal tract create distinct microbial communities. Some non digestable carbohydrates escape digestion in the small intestine and are fermented by bact in the colon

They followed 14 overweight males through differing diets. Including high amounts of bran – resistance starch

Most microbes did not change, interpersonal diff were greater than diet diffs. However in resistant starch r ruminococci and e rectale bloomed rapidly on bran diets. Some individuals did not respond in this way but had response in other groups.

R ruminococci is well adapted to the breakdown of plant fibre. One species of rr attached well to cabbage and carrot fibres but not corn, while anouther bromii only attached to corn fibre.

Most participants digested almost all the fibre, however those that did not have an increase in ruminocci had a lot more undigested starch.

Other dietry subtrates likely similiarly drive other microbials

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