Do you really want to live forever, forever?

I’ve been thinking about my last post, why stochastic gene expession increases with age. I haven’t found any info about WHY this happens, what actually causes this increase in noise over time. Maybe there are some lifestyle choices that cause cellular noise to increase? Maybe noise can fluctuate on a more transient level? Here’s some before and after experiments I think would be good candidates of study: Staying up for 160 hours, exercising, diet, stress, meditating, drinking heavily. Maybe tissue specific effects in skin during exposure to the sun? Infinite possibilities.

On a more genetic level, what about older DNA? As cells divide there is an ‘old pole’ and ‘new pole’, the old chromosome that’s passed down and a chromosome that’s made fresh. The post-doc pointed out that somewhere in us could be a strand of DNA that was created while our grandmothers were pregnant with our moms. Could that be noisier than a fresh strand? Thinking about how to do it in HI, it would be difficult to track a strand through generations but not impossible.

I need to talk to Rosie about how I should be thinking about a thesis project- how much freedom and how much I can stray from our grants in choosing a project.

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