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Just learned that virophages exist, viruses of viruses. An example is the sputnik virophage that infects the mamavirus that infects amoebas. There better not be anyone out there who considers viruses to be alive but draws the line at virophages. My personal take on that issue is that while I’ve never heard a convincing argument  for why a virus should be considered alive, I have the exact same problem with all other forms of life. I can’t believe free will exists in any meaningful way, though this deterministic outlook will be challenged alittle in my next post.

I’m hoping someone discovers a bacteriophage virus so I’ll finally be able to drop the word “bacteriophagephage” in conversation. I checked, they might be too small ;(

P.S. the mamavirus is massive, it’s actually physically larger than H. Influenzae, 0.75μm around vs 0.2-.3μm wide by 0.5-2μm long. We work with a runt. HI has it beat on a genome level 1.83Mbp vs 1.20Mbp though

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  1. Tyler
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 13:28:45

    Somebody at UBC found the second virophage, which parasitizes CroV virus 🙂


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